Men Sauna Suit Heat Trapping Shapewear


About this Item

  • Fast Results: Maximize heat exposure and help burn more calories faster by deploying evolutionary pressure on your body during workouts or everyday activities and forcing it to adapt.
  • Speed Up Recovery Time: Keep your muscles warm so you can ease in and out of physical exercise and help prevent muscle or joint injuries.
  • Premium Quality: Made from high-quality polymer fabric, this waist toner traps the heat and intensifies natural sweating 3x times more so you'll enjoy a hot-sauna-like experience and the associated health benefits. More sweat, less time. This shaper workout shirt will make you look slimmer Instantly. It's built with a special technology that compresses the belly and hips. You can wear it with other exercise equipment and everyday clothes.
  • Comfort & Versatility: Sweat Shaper has been designed so that it's incredibly light and comfortable to wear even for extended periods. It molds and moves with your body during workouts at the gym or at work. The polymer material repels moisture to quickly dry and always stay fresh so that you won't feel wet or sticky from the excess sweating.